The Goldilocks Problem. Goldilocks and a threatened bear species holding its breath flee to hunt for a home that is not too hot, not too cold, but just right. 2022 Barbara Noah, all rights reserved, on changes and additions to the original, pre-edited Helix Nebula background image courtesy of NASA, NOAO, ESA, the Hubble Helix Team, M. Meixner (STScI) and T.A. Rector (NRAO).

Revolution 2 .Earth as a revolving bowling ball & shocked emoji face inspired by “polar wander” of Earth’s axis and rotation due to climate change. 2017 Barbara Noah, all rights reserved. On changes and additions to the original pre-edited Earth image courtesy of NASA.


©Barbara Noah on the text, unless otherwise noted, and on the changes and additions to the outer space
images, but not on the original outer space images themselves.

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