It is with great excitement that I share a fundraising opportunity for the creation and support of new work. Please click on the Support link above for details about the process, including how to make a tax-deductible contribution and a list of some past contributors.

My piece titled "High Hopes (for Sound Transit)" will soon appear on Sound Transit posters in various locations. You can see the image here under Recent Series.

A few of my pieces are currently up in the Phyllis Lamphere Gallery on the second floor of the Washington State Convention Center. The exhibition will end at some point after the current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. I am also included in the Volcano! exhibition at the Portland Art Museum. I was the artist guest for a Livestream event May 17, 2020 for the Portland Art Museum and the Mt. St. Helens Institute, and the recording is here: I will be one of 25 international artists featured in the exhibition Art of the Cosmos, which will celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope. I was selected by a team of artists and scientists for the show, which is organized by Fulcrum Arts in Pasadena, CA. The exhibition has been postponed due to Covid-19.

My solo exhibition, Toss & Turn opened at Davidson Galleries in September 2019. Thank you to Davidson Galleries, Allied Arts Foundation, Hatchfund, and other supporters who helped to make this exhibition possible! Thank you to Gayle Clemans for featuring the exhibition in the Seattle Times. In 2018, I was in the exhibition Making Our Mark at the Bellevue Arts Museum. The piece was selected by curator Michael W. Monroe, Director Emeritus of BAM, Curator-in-Charge of the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Thanks to Michael Upchurch in the Seattle Times, who wrote about my work the “Making Our Mark” show at the Bellevue Arts Museum:
“For me, the eye-catching figurative pieces are the highlight of the show….‘Revolution (climate change bowling ball)’ by Barbara Noah shows earth in a state of alarm. Noah achieves her effect by cutting three holes in a NASA photograph of our planet – one for its horror-stricken mouth and two for its panicky eyes.”

Other group exhibitions in which I have recently had work include the Second Annual Fine Art Exhibition at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, the Adobe Waterfront Gallery, and a Seattle Print Arts exhibit at the Schack Arts Center.

Please contact me here regarding exhibitions, collections, publications, purchases, opportunities, support, and other information, as well as to request being added to my mailing and email lists.


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